My apologize to anyone who is actually still reading this that I have been so bad at keeping it up. Now that I have finished the army I do have more time, but simply have been lazy and actually I don't think so many interesting things have been going on to write about.

My life right now in a nutshell:

I moved from Kibbutz En Harod back to Kibbutz En HaShofet. I sent out a bunch of resumes and heard nothing which was rather discouraging. I went for an interview in a factory on En HaShofet and got the job. I was really excited until they told me that there are no rooms for me to rent on the kibbutz so I would have to commute from another nearby kibbutz. And then they told me they have no idea wen I will start working. So I went for another interview at a nearby kibbutz and got a job. I will take that job unless by some miracle a room and work opens up at En HaShofet.

The Kibbutz that I found work is called Galed. It is not far from En HaShofet but it is very out-in-the-middle-of-no-where. It is at the end of a dead-end road. Galed is in the back yard of Jenin. But it is a pretty kibbutz. The work will be as follows. I will work night shifts in a plastic factory. I will live in the kibbutz, in a very cheap room. I start on the 20th of November so I still have a lot of time to kill. I don't know if it will be really hard for me to manage night shift work. It is very long hours (12) but the pay is really good because most of the time I will be making over time pay. I met another girl in my interview that also got the job and she seems really nice so that should be a good start for work.

I haven't worked for money now for 2 years and I really need to build up my savings. Its not the most ideal situation, but it is good money and it won't last forever. I don't believe I will be able to start classes or Hebrew courses because of the nature of the crazy work schedule. But maybe it isn't bad to work my ass off for about a year, and then have enough money to travel and start school without freaking out that I won't be able to manage.

I have a boyfriend too. He is a kibbutznik at En HaShofet. He has so generously helped me with moving my things, storing them in his house, and letting me live with him till I have a place to go. We have only really been together for about a month. But I have know him for over a year. He just came back from working 4 months in Canada.

It seems the summer in Israel is never going to end. Yes, it has gotten a little cooler but it is still very warm. I like it, but its not so good because this land needs a good hard rain badly.

Other than that I have been good. I have went to some nice concerts and a festival, I went to the Dead Sea with Shiran (the boyfriend), started cooking more again.

Even though I am not doing anything the days are flying by and most of the time I am not bored. I have taken this time to do things I have been putting of, such as, bank things, doctors (I will go to the dentist in a week after not going for 2 years!!!), so I am taking care of business.

That's about it for me. I am in Tel Aviv this weekend visiting friends I haven't seen in a while.