Cha, cha, changin....

I decided, since I'm making a lot of life changes (ie, going on a trip to India for two months and then going back to the US to study Nursing) that it was time for a physical change as well. It has been a fantasy of mine to cut off all my hair. After high school I cut my hair very short and donated it to a charity called Locks of Love.But I didn't go all the way in the cutting department. I still had hair, and I still had curls.

After much thinking about packing for my trip to India, I got stressed out thinking about bringing shampoo, conditioner, cream for my frizzy curls, a brush, etc, etc. I want my trip to be as light and easy as possible. So there was only one thing to do. Cut it all off...

I really can't tell you how much I love it!!! I am now one week without hair and it is fantastic. I think it looks really becoming, maybe even prettier cuz I can see my face and not just hair, hair, HAIR!!!!

I am saving the world, one shower at a time. Showering has went from at least 15 minutes to maximum 5 minutes. Its amazing. And for the time being I don't miss it one bit. I am sure its not the last time I will ever have curls, but this is a welcomed blissful break after years curls.

And I can worry less about a heavy bag on my travels. Worry less about lice. And the heat seems just a little cooler without a sheep on top of my head!!!!!

Nothing Really Matters



Does anyone even know, or care, that Israel just lifted 10 road blocks in the West Bank. In one day, boom, 10 check points are gone. And they also eliminated 50 dirt blocks too.

Is the world interested to hear the good things Israel does?

She also gave moneys (millions of sheckels) to build 5,000-8,000 homes for Palestinians in the West Bank.


Spring here in the north of Israel is the most beautiful time of year.

Iris came back to Israel!!! This is my friend for Holland. She came to study at University Haifa for a semester.

The following pictures are from Purim. We had so much fun, lots of friends and a good time had by all.

Those two picture were taken at work. The first one with the head chief and my friend Lilach.

That's Eyal and Lichah goofing around.

I work with the two on the far right. Iyelet and Leebi, they are really fun.

Our Heart

I think it is interesting to note that probably in the rest of the world what just happened this weekend in Gaza is not considered the start of a war, but here everyone is talking about it, worrying about it and do feel that a war has begun once again against Gaza.

Two soldiers were killed Eran Dan Gur and Doron Asulin. And our hearts go out to the families that have had such a tragedy happen. Bombs have been falling for days in Southern Israel and Israel has had little or no reponse until recently.

How can Israel be held to such an unthinkable standard in times of attack?

Just in case.

I have heard some complaining that I don't post enough pictures of myself, so...
These were all taken this last summer (2207) by my friend Noa.
So now you know what I look like (and how tan I got!!!)