Next week I will be Missing In Action. On Sunday all the Ulpanist will go to the Galilee for a program called Gana. Gana is a week long boot camp experience. Most Israeli kids do it when they are 16 or 17 as a bit of a wake up call to what is in store for them. As for us in the Ulpan, many are girls that are too old to serve or guys who are old enough that they might get 3 months in the army and then have the reserve month every year. I am one of the only people who has a date for when I am going in. I guess we will be doing all sorts of boot camp things ie, running, shooting, running, sleeping in a tent, running, eating crappy food, running. But I think it will be a good experience especially since it will be only in Hebrew. I really want to bring my camera, but a few people who have done it before say doing bring anything of value, cuz it will be gone. But it would be fun to take pictures.

In other news the weather is starting to warm up a bit. Having sun always makes me happier inside. All the pretty spring flowers are out and the sky is a very brilliant blue. Noa and I have found avocado fields (free avocados!!!) lemon trees, and a wonderful pamello tree. The birds are very frisky and it is getting dark later now.

I still am getting over a lingering cold. But now I am just in the cough in the morning period so in a day or two it should be gone completely.

I met a nice old lady in the laundry yesterday. She started talking to me and has invited me to her house to eat. She took me from work in her little scooter to show me were she lives. She moved to Israeli in 1948, so I am sure she will have some great stories. I told my roommate about my adopted or step-grandparents, so when I told her about this lady, Noa said, "another one?! Wow old people love you Liz!" It is true and I like old people. They are very special.

I am reading, almost finished with one of the most amazing books. I want to write a proper review. Lets just say I have never cried more than once for a book. In this book I have cried like four times. I am now trying to read as little as possible so I don't have to finish it. And I really think I am going to reread it right after I finish it. It is that good. All I will say is the title is "The Kite Runner" I will say more when I finish.

Ok I got to get to class.