1,000 sorry, sorry, sorry. I know I keep saying....in another (fill in the blank) I should be finished with my training and have more time off. But I really am there. I have finished all my tests except my final one. And I hope that I can finish this upcoming week, if not in two weeks. But my goal is the next time I leave the army base to leave for my 5 days off. I have been doing normal shifts now. It has become less stressful. At first I was so so scared, with the talking and all. But now I have given direction, desciptions, all this stuff. My writing is improving so much and of course my talking.

I think because of the stress to finish the test I am talking a lot more in my sleep. I feel really bad for my roommates because they can't really sleep through it. However the cool thing is I am talking in Hebrew in my sleep!!!! That was one of the most exciting things for me. That means I am really starting to think in Hebrew. I am not fluent, but every day I feel more and more confident.

The final test is really big. No one passes the first one, its like an unwritten rule. But you must take all that you have learned and the officers make a mock-disaster. You must direct the planes, tanks, foot soldiers, and also other girls that are in other stations but can see the same territory as you. I tried my first practice on and it is so hard, because you must do so many things at once.

But slowly I will get it. Because I remember when I started learning to direct the pilots, so I was sure there would be no way I could do it, but now I can. After a few days practice I should be ready for the testing.

I also got word that my request to have my army service shortened was granted. I will serve until September 10. 1 day shy of a year in the army. I am happy and a sad. On the one hand I only have 5 months to go!! On the other I have spent 7 months just doing all this training and now I will only do the job for 5 months. I have finally gotten used to army life, making good friends. But I have desided the best thing to do is plan life as if I will get out in September. I need to start looking for a job, and the beginning levels of school. And if a few months before my service is up and I really feel like staying, so I can ask to add on the time. But I think it is best to start getting on with my life here.

I had a great Pesach (Passover). I got out of the army for it and went with one of my good friends to her families house. Her name is Tzlil (it means sound) and I met her in the intellagence course. She is such a cool person. She has lived all over Africa in her childhood, because of her fathers work. She has seen and done so much. Her family was so warm and eclectic. You could really see that the whole extended family really enjoyed each other. The most fun of the night was the acted out the whole "had gad yah" complete with costumes, it was so funny.

Her house was so beautiful. She just moved into a brand new house in Kakur. One side was just an open field of wheat. So pretty to take a walk through.

And my friend and old roommate Noa (from Sweden) came back to Israel. She finiahed all her aliyah papers and now is looking for a joba nd place to live. It is very exciting that everyone is coming back. Actually my second roomate Noa (also Orange County) moved here too. I was very pleasently suprised because I didn't know she was planning it. She is also looking into schools.

I know there must be so much more to write about but i am really can't think of anything else right now. Just moving along.

Oh I put up two new posts but they ended up not as new posts. I'll explain after this post there is another post and then the two new ones. One is more about the movie Bufor and the other the lyrics to an Israeli song, a bit depressing, but beautiful. So check it all out.

Have a great week my peeps and I hope next time I write it will be to say Yeah, I finally finished my training....