Just in case.

I have heard some complaining that I don't post enough pictures of myself, so...
These were all taken this last summer (2207) by my friend Noa.
So now you know what I look like (and how tan I got!!!)

thoughts from a spotted mind

If I say I am a bit lost in myself, my life, my next step, where I should be, what I should do, it would probably be a bit of an understatment. What I know is this: That I am ready to start a new chapter of my life. I had a mission. Come to Israel. Learn the language, the culture, and serve in the army. Mission completed. Now what?

It may seem very strange\ funny to anyone reading this that is older than me, but I am starting to feel old. Not old. But maybe, I feel ready to not be a young adult and I want to start turning into an adult. I want to start making choices that will affect me in the long term. I want to start looking for the right guy for me. I want to start thinking of having a husband, family in the years to come. Time goes so fast. And I don't want to be one of the people I have seen to often, that is 30-35 and still is living like they are 20-25.

Shiran is going to be leaving in a month-month and a half to go on a trip to South America (like all the Israelis do after the army). What count me by suprises is he will be going for about a year. I expected a big trip, I didn't expect a years time. I am sad he is going. I don't feel ready to break-up with him, but there is nothing I can do about it. It is an important thing in his life to go travel with his friends and "find himself".

I am reading an excellent book called "A Pigeon and A Boy" by Meir Shalev. It is an Israeli novel that has been translated and it is very interesting. And a bit sentimental since my grandpa flew racing pigeons.

Now for some pictures:

These first four are very old. The first one is an ad I saw in Tel Aviv for a newspaper. But I thought it was lovely with the sunset and the text reading: THERE IS ONLY ONE

Poor cows waiting in the trucks.

Lerone and Amitai on a walk.

Just thought it would make a cool picture.

I played hooky one day this week and took a trip with Shiran to the Gilboa Mountain. It was a stormy day so we couldn't really get out much, but it was still breath-takingly beautiful up there. We drove from one side to the other and started driving down to Jerusalem. Maybe if I didn't have to work that night we could have went to Jerusalem.

This is the most current picture of me. Taken last night before we went to the pub in the kibbutz.