Nothing Really Matters



Does anyone even know, or care, that Israel just lifted 10 road blocks in the West Bank. In one day, boom, 10 check points are gone. And they also eliminated 50 dirt blocks too.

Is the world interested to hear the good things Israel does?

She also gave moneys (millions of sheckels) to build 5,000-8,000 homes for Palestinians in the West Bank.


Spring here in the north of Israel is the most beautiful time of year.

Iris came back to Israel!!! This is my friend for Holland. She came to study at University Haifa for a semester.

The following pictures are from Purim. We had so much fun, lots of friends and a good time had by all.

Those two picture were taken at work. The first one with the head chief and my friend Lilach.

That's Eyal and Lichah goofing around.

I work with the two on the far right. Iyelet and Leebi, they are really fun.