Hi, hi, hi. I am just checking in to say everything is really good and unfortunatly I have no time to write right now. But I have had a great two weeks. Learned a lot, really moved forward in the training (probably one more month and I will be done) I am to the point now where I am beginnong to do guarding alone! Both scary and fun.

This weekend I asked for an extra day off (its my right as a lonely soldier to get one extra day a month) I was in Tel Aviv and got to see so many people. Had great food at Lerone's family, picnic on the beach with Idan and Tiferet, stayed up until 3:30 am in a cafe talking with Dora, and got to see a buddy from the course (she picked me up from the train and drove me home (and bought me wine glasses and wine!)

I saw an AMAZING movie called bufor. Its an Israeli film the website is www.bufor.co.il/ and it has English. I will explain more about it in my next blog, but it is about the castle called Beaufort that Israel occupied for 18 in Lebanon. But it was also like walking into my world, on film. Yes it isn't a war zone, like in the movie, but you see the men doing the same job as me!! It was beauifully shot and acted the music was haunting. And the final scene was so powerful and simple, and explained everything of the Israeli mentality (that being they do crazy after tragic events, but they always continue) I would highly recommend it and I wish I could sit by and explain what everything is.

And now I will go today. But the army life is getting easier. I have finally gotten used to the routine, it doesn't bother me so to stay 11 days. And I am learning so much amazing stuff. Right now how to guide aircraft to targets. Wild.

All my love but I must jet. Talk to you in two weeks:>