Hey finally I am writing something

So I have to say sorry because I haven't written in so long and this will not be long because there are 3 people waiting for the computers. I am supposed to get internet at my new home by next weekend but I won't be going home from the army so that will be another two weeks till you hear from me.

I do have so much to say. First of all the army is not as BAD or as hard as I thought it would be. We are doing a lot and I am very tired, but lets just say it isn't like hell or something.

In my corner of excellence I would like to note to you that I came in 6th place in our running test out of over 50 girls and I am the oldest. I think I shot really well, since I fell very hard on my right hand which is were you hold the gun. It is a strange feeling to shoot. I also shot at night and got 4 out of 5 off the bullets on the target and we were shooting completely blind.

I hate walking up at 4 in the morning everyday, but I do get to see amazing sunrises so that is something.

And the gun. Well you are so excited about it when you get it and than it is just a pain in the ass really soon after. Because you have to take it to the shower to the toliet in the bed with you , my legs are covered in bruises. So the glamour of that is over.

I hate having only 10 minutes to eat. And the truth is the food is pretty good.

And when you finish the army, and go home you feel things very strong and much. And all you want to to sleep take a long shower and eat soemthing really good.

I went with my friend Roie to his family for Rosh HaShanna. It was amazing food and I had a huge tummy ache afterwards cuz I ate far too much. And the next day I had a nice relaxing day and went up to the top of the Gilboa Mountain which is right in front of my new kibbutz. And that was beautiful and meaningful I could see everything israel jordan who knows maybe even part of lebannon. Anyway, it was very meaningful. like this is what you are supposed to do on the new year. Really thank god and say wow, "God you did a good job here!"

Anywho I am going back tomorrow. I had a lot of fun last night in a party in a kibbutz close by to En HaShofet.

But I am happy and good and I promise as soon as I came I will write a lot more, but I just can't now. So I am wishing everyone a wonderful new year or fall or whatever, day. Be well. be happy. keep smiling!

The Night Before

Dear Family and friends,

Well this is the count down, the night before the big day. Hard to believe. I will tell you more of what I know.

I had a great experience at my new kibbutz. I was there for 2 days and it is absolutly beautiful. It is set on a hill right in front of Mount Gilboa. The valley is just stunning and I couldn't be in a better place.

When I arrived the room was freshly painted, not starile white, but a pretty yellow cream. I have air conditioning, a fridge, a gas hot plate, toaster, water heater (coom coom) and much more. There is hook up for internet and I have to pay 5 dollars a month extra, so hopefully next week that will be set up for me. The director of the soldiers had put milk, butter, fruit, chololate milk, and rolls in the fridge. She bought toilet paper, sponges, coffee, tea, plates and silverware. And cookies! It was so nice.

I don't have pictures right now but hopefully next week or the week to come. I live in a block with five other people. 2 are soldiers, Shlomi, and Dora and 2 are Russian men renting the rooms, and one is a lady who is not here now. I talked briefly to Shlomi who seems like a nice guy, he offered to show me where to put the laudry. And I talked for a long time to Dora, who is very sweet. She was in a combat unit guarding the peace boarders, but hurt herself. She only has 5 more months and now is working in social work in the army. We talked about why someone like me would want to do the army. Our love for Israel and travelling. She gave me here number and told me to call her and she would see how my first week was next Friday.

Today (the day after we talked) she sms me: LIZ WHAT IS YOUR LAST NAME? Mind you I don't know still what my profile is, which is a very important number. So I send her my full name because after all I really am not just Liz. She called me in 5 minutes.

-whats up?
-I'm good how are you?
-fine. So are you my secret agent?
-Yep. Liz do you want to know your army ID#?
-Of course.
-(gives me the number) and your profile is 82.

That is a great profile by the way. The highest is 97 then 82. The only reason it is that is because of my eyes. If I had a 97 profile I would be able to do any job in the army. With 82 there are some limitations. But it is exciting to know.

So now I am back in En HaShofet and my friends are making me dinner (nice huh?) And tomorrow morning Gani takes me to the army.

I know more because my friend from the ulpan that is already in En HArod told me some stuff. He said it will be hard, but it does get fun. He is in his second week and he just got his M-16. He said you even have to shower with it!! He is up where I will be which is a place called Mickva Alon. It is up between Akko and The Carmiel. He said the sunrise is amazing there. For the first month I will be in bootcamp and then after will be two months of ulpan. After this I am pretty sure that I will have to do a more real boot camp depending on what I am doing in the army.

And that is what I know. So You will not here from me for a week. Have a great week to everyone. BTW, I got two wonderful emails from both my Dads. Thank you very much. It is so encouraging, especially since I know you both think I am a bit crazy for doing this (And you know what? I am crazy) But that you to everyone for all your support.

OK I'll tell you how it is in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, OK I swear I am really leaving. Thought I would be leaving 2 days ago. Oh I left. I went all the way to my new kibbutz. And then there was a huge miscommunication. The director was not there, the room was not ready, so back I went with all my stuff. Luckily the director of my Ulpan, who took me there wasn't too mad about it.

So I had another day to relax and now I leave. On Sunday I return to En HaShofet and stay here over night with Irit and then in the morning my friend Gani is taking me to the bus station in Haifa and then the fun begins.

I will write as soon as I can, but bare with me as I don't know what my internet access will be like on the new butz.

All my love. Shabbat Shalom

i'M rEAdY FOr tHe GoOD tIMEs

Well it is a crazy time what can I say. But trully, really, very, exciting. Eveyone here on the kibbutz is so supportive. They tell me things like, "Liz you are crazy!!" But then they follow it up with,"wow you are doing something very special and we are so proud. You are giving yourself for the sevice of others, because you choose to." Then I blush a little bit, because well I don't think about it exactly like that, but I guess they are right.

So at 6pm today I will be leaving my old kibbutz. Packing has not been as bad as I though it would be. I just have collected more things. I still have very little, but spices, sheets, a pan, towels. And I bought a few things for my new home. Like a toilet brush, and clothes pins, and one of those thing-ies that doesn't let the big pieces of food go down the drain. It is very exciting.

Noa gave me a pillow case she made with a wolf on it. Lerone bought me a shesh besh board for the army, cuz I have to learn. And Craig got me a wrist band for covering my watch. It has been so sweet.

I had a nice time in the pub last night. Didn't drink too much, but had fun.

Wow, well hurray for new beginnings new experiences and life. That is what it is all about.

Moving On

Hey All,

I am writing at 2am after 2 glasses of wine and a half liter of beer. Tonight was my last night on the kibbuzt and it was time to celebrate a bit. I am leaving tomorrow for my new kibbutz and on Monday the 11 of September I am starting the army.

I don't know how the emailing situation will be. But I will keep you posted.

I am scared and worried and nervous and all that. It feels like my body is full of butterflies. Maybe this the bravest, or biggest thing I have ever done. I am sure it will be so hard at the beginning, but I will get used to it, I know.

I have everything I need. Lerone bought me a shesh besh board and my friend Craig got me a sweat band to go over my watch. I have sweat pants, sneakers, thick socks. I am ready.

Wow. Big stuff.