Hamal: The War Room....

Come one, come all, step inside the war room at mitzpe adi and see what I did in the army for a year!!! Enjoy....

This is a picture of two of my officers, Adva and Reut.

Well, after God only knows, you finally get to see what I did in the army!!! This is what I looked like a lot of the time. Phone in the ear, walkie talkie in one hand, writing with the other.

4 hour shifts sitting there watching a screen, its not easy...

Here I am with Hen, one of the girls in my room. Liza is in the background running up.

This is Rotem and she just got colored contacts... kind o' scary!

This is just a silly picture. But Hila, wanted a picture with me, but you can not turn away from the screen so we did it this way. Actually it isn't such a bad representation of what I did sometimes. Hila has not finished her training so I did have to help her a lot.

Every night we have a briefing meeting with all the girls that are on the base and talk about what we saw during the day and complaints and sometimes we have a lesson. This was the last one I went to.

Views from my base at night...very beautiful.

In these two pictures you see Hila taking her first final test to become a full fledged tatzpitanit. And if you look carefully you will see she has stuff in her hair and she is wearing a vest against bullets or something like that. That's because in the final test the girls do all kinds of things to distract you. Screaming, calling every five seconds on the phone, putting pudding or cheese on your hair, spraying water on you, rapping you in toilet paper. All this is just to see how well you can keep your cool and finish the task. In my final test They put on the vest the helmet and about five guns along with all the gooie things!!!